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What distinguishes successful litigation from failed attempts? When the outcomes of court cases depend on hundreds of different factors, how can people heighten their chances of resolving their disputes, lawsuits and negotiations effectively?

The team at Great Lakes Law Firm LLC works to help people answer such questions every day. We're passionate about mastering the many facets of the law so that we can better educate you.

You might be pursuing compensation from someone who harmed you. Perhaps you're fighting a legal battle against seemingly overwhelming odds. No matter how tough your situation looks, you should know that you're never alone: We pride ourselves on our ability to help you find solutions.

Representing Clients in a Range of Practice Areas

We've spent years in and around courtrooms upholding the rights of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. These irreplaceable experiences have given us unique insights about how to leverage general laws for the benefit of individual clients, so we're constantly discovering new ways to advocate for you.

Can Great Lakes Law Firm LLC help you?

Talk to us about cases involving any of these legal domains:

  • Business Law: Whether you're running a company or fighting against one, we can help you plan your attack.
  • Bankruptcy Law: Discover how to make bankruptcy law work for you instead of struggling to keep up with your filing obligations.
  • The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act: The FDCPA means that your collectors need to respect you. We can help you ensure that they hold up their end of the bargain.
  • Civil Litigation: Civil law empowers you to pursue action in and out of court even if no criminal offense occurred. We put you on the right path.

We're Rethinking Legal Representation

We've always believed that representing legal clients takes more than mere knowledge of the law. Court cases can be harrowing experiences, and the complicated nature of legislation means that it's easy to find yourself lost in statutes, regulations and procedural court rules. Our legal experts are here to keep you moving towards beneficial resolutions without having to constantly worry about whether these stumbling blocks might knock you backward.

Great Lakes Law Firm LLC is different because we focus on putting the power back in the hands of those who need it most. Our doors are always open, so it's never been easier to get your bearings and choose an advisable course of legal action. Book a free consultation now.

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