Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy is a complex procedure, but it doesn't have to be something that you approach with dread. By working with our attorneys, it's possible to navigate the filing process correctly and put yourself on track toward a more promising future. We're proud to offer representation, education and advocacy designed to make your bankruptcy journey as successful as possible.

Bankruptcy Explained:

Bankruptcy is a type of legal status that exists in state, federal and international jurisdictions. By legally declaring bankruptcy, you let the world know that you can't repay outstanding debts to your creditors. You can also gain protection from collection actions.

Is It Right for You?

This doesn't mean that anyone can simply say they're bankrupt and automatically escape their financial obligations. To earn the unique protections of this special legal status, you must first

  • Choose the right kind of bankruptcy, or chapter, to file for,
  • Devise a plan for repaying any debts that are ineligible for protection, and
  • File the correct paperwork with a bankruptcy court.

Why is it better to tackle these tasks with a legal adviser from Great Lakes Law Firm LLC? Our purpose is helping you make smarter decisions about how to pursue financial relief. Different types of bankruptcy cater to the needs of different individuals, such as small business owners, high-wealth taxpayers and family breadwinners. No matter who you are, our goal is to help you select the optimal filing plan, minimize unintended fallout and bounce back gracefully.

Coming Up With Your Bankruptcy Plan

If each bankruptcy situation is different, how can you know where to start? It all begins with education and research, but for many consumers, time and similar limitations make it harder to get informed properly.

Bankruptcy isn't some magical solution to your money problems. It doesn't let you erase all kinds of financial obligations, and bankruptcy courts may decide that some of your debts can only be discharged partially. What few consumers know, however, is that the distinctions between chapters also mean they have options besides plain insolvency: It's possible to select a plan that lets you restructure and pursue other alternatives for handling your obligations responsibly.

We don't believe that you should have to go into bankruptcy lacking information.

We're always ready to help you explore your options, and we've got the experience to ensure that regardless which course you pick, you'll be working towards effective financial relief. Discover more by contacting us for a free evaluation now.

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