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You're on track to create an industry-redefining new business enterprise. Will the law stand in your way or help you move forward? Or maybe you patronized a company only to experience a betrayal when it caused you a serious harm or loss. Will you have to settle for cutting your losses and moving on?

At Great Lakes Law Firm LLC, we don't think that anyone should be forced to pick between following their business dreams and staying on the right side of the rules. We also believe that consumers should never feel like they're left without options after they've been wronged by companies. We provide full-service commercial law representation, consultation and advocacy that makes it possible to do business safely and profitably no matter who you are.

Making Business Law More Accessible to Ordinary People

Also known as commercial law, business law covers the way people can participate in commercial activities with others. For instance, someone who sells goods online, procures business services or conducts other activities might have to adhere to applicable rules and regulations.

As a type of civil law, commercial law addresses important matters such as

  • The creation, validity and enforcement of contracts,
  • Product safety,
  • Consumer protections,
  • Occupational health and safety,
  • The ownership, use and disposition of intellectual property,
  • Fiduciary responsibility and financial activities,
  • Incorporation and other kinds of business formation,
  • Negligence, liability and malpractice,
  • Employment policies, discrimination and hostile workplace conditions,
  • International, interstate and local trade, and
  • The use of real property for business pursuits.

These are just some of the areas that depend on business law, and as you might expect, different laws can indeed intersect. Each case differs, so it's critical to take a situationally appropriate legal approach that maximizes your potential for gain.

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Assessing the circumstances at hand is always the first step in resolving any business law case. Since these matters often require in-depth research and preparation before they can even head to court, your legal representatives must be willing to do the preliminary groundwork and discovery in advance. They also need the staying power to outlast potentially tough court battles.

Great Lakes Law Firm LLC offers tenacious representation from beginning to end. Talk to us about what makes your case special and how to proceed in a manner that increases your chances of a successful result. Book your free consultation immediately.

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