Civil Litigation

Not every court case involves high-profile criminal matters, but that doesn't mean yours is any less serious. The outcome of civil litigation can decide your future, so it's essential to retain intelligent, experienced legal representation. Fortunately, you can depend on the team at Great Lakes Law Firm LLC to help you get through your case.

What Does Civil Litigation Entail?

Civil litigation includes any legal processes applied to resolve matters that don't involve criminal issues. It can take place in the courtroom, during settlement negotiations, in preliminary procedures and during appeals.

Why is civil litigation necessary? Although the law is designed to protect people from being victimized by criminal activities, its definition of what counts as criminal is limited. Someone may do you clear, provable harm, but if they haven't broken any criminal laws, then you can't rely on the authorities to prosecute them. Filing a civil suit lets you take matters into your own hands.

Civil litigation can also protect your rights in certain criminal cases. For instance, a business owner acting in bad faith may fall afoul of anti-trust laws, but judges might not make them pay their victims even if they're found guilty of a punishable offense. In such matters, filing a civil lawsuit might be the only way to get restitution for the damages you suffer.

Is My Case a Civil Litigation Case?

Civil law systems apply to a huge variety of disputes. Some common civil litigation issues include

  • Battles over real estate, intellectual property or other assets,
  • Lawsuits regarding liabilities, personal injuries or defective products,
  • Environmental disputes and lawsuits,
  • Claims of medical malpractice,
  • Divorce cases, and
  • Workers’ compensation, employment and labor lawsuits.

How Can Great Lakes Law Firm LLC Help Me?

Civil litigation demands an expansive knowledge of how the rules work. It also takes dedication to seeing cases through.

Individual civil matters can involve many different laws. Your legal team should understand how to build strong cases, back up arguments with substantive evidence and advocate on your behalf. They may also need to perform detailed pretrial investigations, help you fight for out-of-court settlements or appeal unfavorable decisions.

At Great Lakes Law Firm LLC, our purpose is providing comprehensive legal aid that helps you master the distinctions of civil litigation. We're proud to fight for our clients until the end, and we don't back down just because cases seem difficult or involved. Get your free case evaluation today.

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